Social media shyness

aaeaaqaaaaaaaajtaaaajdkxowiymzeyltgyotqtngm5ny05nzq3ltixztmzywuwowrkmqONL162 has a strong “social media” aspect to it, which I anticipate I will struggle with. In my private life I am not active in social media: I have Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts, but I never post anything. I have an instinctive aversion to stream-of-consciousness thoughts that are posted for posterity at the press of a button. Something you write or say that seems inconsequential today can have unforeseen consequences in the future. I think this is a lesson that many people growing up today will end up learning the hard way.

While I understand that a social aspect is intricately tied to many online tools nowadays, I am also skeptical of how useful it is for online learning. There are some areas where I see some strong benefits – for example a forum for answering difficult questions such as stack exchange. However, I am not so sure I see how asking students to comment on each others’ blog posts increases their knowledge.

I am also sensitive to the fact that many students, like myself, feel a strong sense of privacy when it comes to their online presence, and do not wish for their learning experience to become a searchable matter of public record. I think that we need to find a good balance between the usefulness of these social tools and the dangers and distractions that they present.



2 thoughts on “Social media shyness”

  1. Hi! I’ve been thinking a lot about the privacy issues (that are essentially security issues) with using social media for the ONL162, and I found your post interesting! I think you don’t really need to use social media as a private person, you can take a more professional role and make it more anonymous if you want. That’s something I like about social media – that you can design your own online presence.
    Commenting on blog posts (like I’m doing now) may not increase learning directly, but that may not be the main goal. What increases learning is the exchange of ideas that this opens up for, and just knowing that someone reads what I write makes me more motivated to do it.
    Finally I think we should definitely discuss safety issues with having an online presence, like the ones you brought up. Hopefully we’ll be able to dive more into that as the course continues!


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